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T & G Sealcoating Services /Procedure
  • Residential / Commercial we power clean the entire driveway, blacktop, parking lot, or asphalt surface. We sweep debris and then use backpack blowers to clear asphalt surface from any remaining dust and debris  If necessary we edge the side of the driveway / asphalt so the sealcoat can be applied all the way to the edge.  

  • Residential / Commercial, after the driveway / asphalt is thoroughly cleaned, if needed we use a high quality 400 Degree (RTU) hot rubber filler to fill the cracks in the asphalt / blacktop that would not be filled by sealcoating. This seals the cracks and prevents them from getting any larger.

  • Residential / Commercial we use an oil spot treatment solution where needed this acts as a sealer to allow the sealcoat emulsion to bind to the asphalt / blacktop surface. If this is not applied to oil spots the Sealcoat may not adhere to the driveway properly and could result in flaking or peeling.

  • Residential / Commercial we edge using a small detailing brush around all concrete aprons, sidewalks, etc. to ensure that the sealcoat does not get onto your house (bricks, siding, pavers) or anything other than your driveway or asphalt / blacktop surfaces.

  • Residential / Commercial Depending on the size of the job we will either spray or broom the asphalt emulsion (Sealcoat) on. There is no difference in the product that is applied. Most commonly, driveways we broom the sealcoat on, commercial lots we spray the sealcoating on.

  • Commercial jobs: After the sealcoating application has dried, we then can apply lines and signage. Bringing back the blacktop parking lot to its originally layout.  

                  Before:                                                    After: 
Commercial Job after application of sealcoating. Notice the rich dark black color.Commercial Job before application of Sealcoating.

Before sealcoating is applieddriveway cleaned and prepared for sealcoating

After sealcoating is applied

Handicap signs and line striping
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